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Preventing open water swim panic

Open-water swim panic on race day is a major challenge for many triathletes. During this 3 cal l program, I will take you through a structured process that will ensure that you swim on race day calm and in complete confidence as I have with many athletes.

3 Weeks

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4 weeks to race day

4 weeks to race day or less and you are noticing an increased feeling of pre-race nerves. You don’t feel ready, the ‘what if’s’, should I transfer this race to next year, losing motivation due to a lack of energy and more. These feelings amongst athletes close to race day are very common and for many having a very strong negative impact. On this program, I will take you through a series of mental exercises that will ensure that you feel very calm in the lead-up and are once again excited to race. As with all of my programs, aside from the calls, I will provide you with full support via messenger and additional free calls. If your race day is closer than 4 weeks, contact me as we may be able to reduce the number of calls (4) or do more than 1 per week.

4 weeks

Removing mental blocks

Are you struggling to increase your pace, power or speed now matter how hard you try. You are completing all of the training sessions that your Coach sets but cannot simply swim, bike or ride faster than that specific number, which is becoming increasingly frustrating. Have you considered that it could be a mental block (psychological barrier) that is the cause? Its actually more common than you think. On the 6 week program, we will identify the particular block and I will take you through the steps to remove it. You will be amazed at how quickly after you are able to train and ride faster.

6 weeks

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Removing your fear of fast descents

Fear of descending fast during training and races is a common challenge for many triathletes. The feeling of an elevated heart rate, sweaty palms and those ‘what if’ thoughts. What if your brakes fail, your back wheel slides out in the corner, a car stops quickly in front of you and more ensure that you grip the bars so tightly and slow down. On completion of this 4 week program, you will ride the fastest descents feeling calm and confident, actually enjoying that free speed.

4 weeks

Overcoming setbacks

Whether a less than expected performance or injury, setbacks often negatively affect how we think and how we feel. If not managed, that negative thought spiral will continue to affect you for much longer than it should. As Triathletes, we cope with setbacks in one of 3 different categories: problem-focused coping, emotion-focused coping or avoidance coping. During this 4 week structured program, we will identify which coping method you are using and create a path to ensure that ensure a positive return to training and racing.

4 weeks


Performance program - ongoing

I created this program for those competitive Age Groupers and Pros who are not experiencing a specific challenge but would would like to learn many of the mental tools, in order to train and race faster. Before beginning this program, I will ask you to complete my Mental Performance Assessment in order to identify mental areas of improvement. Whilst the focus is generic ie to educate you how to use the power of your mind to race faster, we will also discuss your current mindset each week and use additional tools to improve this. A free call before this program is important to ensure that you fit the criteria and that we are a good fit as a coach-athlete.

The reality is that most athletes are not training or racing even close to their limits. In this structured 12-week program, we extend the threshold that you believed, to ensure that you achieve numbers that you never thought possible. There will be times when you will go to a very dark place in training and so a free call to ensure that you are prepared for this is necessary.

12 weeks 

Becoming mentally unstoppable


Removing Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety has been a major challenge for many athletes, whether those completing a first Sprint, right through to successful Pros competing for a podium spot at Kona. We have all experienced those pre-race nerves and they are indeed healthy, up to a point. There is a fine line between pre-race nerves and performance anxiety, which will often affect the outcome of your race. The first step in reducing the impact of performance anxiety is to identify what exactly triggers these negative thought patterns. Through many months of research, I have created a process that will ensure that we identify and dramatically reduce the impact of your performance anxiety and ensure that this strengthens your performance on race day

12-16 weeks 

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