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The Triathlon Mental Performance Coach Neil Edge


I am a Triathlon Mental Performance Coach.

My name is Neil Edge.


I’m a Triathlon Mental Performance Coach and an ultra-endurance athlete.


Playing sports all my life, I was continuously searching for a competitive advantage.


Many years ago, sports teams and individuals began to understand the benefits of sports psychology in terms of performance.

I quickly realized that the mind plays an important part in the success of an athlete’s performance.

Reading sparked an interest in how specific techniques could benefit me in terms of my own performance, and the more I read and researched, the more the desire to learn more increased.

Bringing this into the present day, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and, as a triathlete myself, focusing on the 70.3 distance, have created solutions to overcome the specific mindset challenges that triathletes face.

These solutions have been tried and tested with the current triathletes that I work with but at the same time, are adapted to each individual client.

Whether you are new to Triathlon, having just signed up for your first race or a pro, qualified for Kona, I will work with you to ensure that your mindset plays an integral role in achieving your objective.

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