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Unlock Your Full Potential

Triathlon Performance Mindset Coaching

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Pro, as a Triathlon Mental Performance Coach, I will work with you to perform on race day.

Triathletes on the start line of a race.

As a Triathlon Mental Performance Coach, I recognize the mental challenges many triathletes face.These challenges include

  • Open water panic 

  • Pre-race nerves 

  • Setbacks

  • Performance blocks.Some

may experience anxiety or struggle within the weeks leading up to a race.Others may seek to become mentally unstoppable through posts and podcasts.  If you relate to these challenges, let's have a conversation about solutions.


My name is Neil Edge. I’m a Triathlon Performance Mindset Coach and a triathlete

Playing sport all my life, I was continuously searching for a competitive advantage.

Many years ago in the UK, sports teams and individuals began to understand the benefits of sport psychology in terms of performance.

I quickly realised that the mind plays an important part in the success of an athlete’s performance.

Are you a complete beginner or a pro on the start line at Kona, all experience anxiety but the key is not allowing this to effect your race.

Do you feel anxious before a race, a few days before and becoming stronger on race-day?

Abstract Curves

Are you finding it difficult to maintain your motivation to train during an injury?




Has a recent poor performance in a race really effected your motivation to start training for your next race again?

Abstract Curves

Does the fear of diving into the lake or sea at the start of a race, swimming in deep water, create a sense of real anxiety. Made worse as your wetsuit feels tight around your neck. You feel your heart rate increasing, sweaty palms and thoughts of what you will do if the panic sets in, in the water. If that describes you, please feel free to contact me.



Overcoming self-doubt program

Working with Neil, my mindset has positively been impacted and improved. Neil has helped me to reframe negative self talk - there is now much less of it and I have the tools to slam the door shut.

Big race days often caused anxiety even when many months away - Neil helped me to figure out which elements of that day are under my control and those that are not. I now focus solely on those things I can control. Neil Edge gets 5 stars and I highly recommend scheduling a conversation


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